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The Celebration is an independent spiritual community located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We meet every Sunday at 10:30 AM at the National Education Association building located at 2007 Botulph Road. Everyone is welcome and childcare is provided.

From St. Michaels Drive turn South on Botulph Road (opposite the hospital and just East of St. Francis drive). Turn left at the first driveway, where you see the “NEA” sign on the building. Park around back and enter the auditorium from the courtyard.
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We are a group of people committed to opening our hearts to all life, all people, all paths, and learning to embrace everything, everyone and especially ourselves in unconditional love. We are committed to doing this in the context of true community, which includes total safety for everyone to be exactly who they are, with their dreams, aspirations, desires, and contributions in the group process. We realize that each of us is in fact a sacred part of the Oneness of Everything, which is to say a part of God, and beyond this we endorse no particular creed or dogma.

Our invocation sums up our purpose: “We join together to celebrate the splendor of God’s love—cherishing all life, honoring all paths, rejoicing in the sacred dance of All That Is. Living in the power of all-embracing love, we affirm our community and acknowledge the Divine nature of our humanity.”

Everyone is welcome to join us on Sunday Mornings at 10:30 AM

The governing council of The Celebration consists of anyone who wishes to participate in the consensus process. (For more about how we use consensus, see flyer on the table ‘Consensus and Loyal Minority.’) We meet regularly, ­usually on the third Sunday of the month at 1:30pm. If you wish to ­participate, or want more information about what the Council meetings consist of and how they are conducted, contact any ­facilitator.

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Community Forums

The following email discussion groups are available for Celebration members

Celebration Chat — This group is for general discussion of issues related to The Celebration and its members, and is open to all. If you have an interest in the functioning of The Celebration, or in helping to shape our ever evolving community, then this is the place to be.

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Coordinators — This group is for the discussion of Celebration business, scheduling, and related issues among the facilitators, coordinators, and other interested members of The Celebration. This group is open to all, and we request that all coordinators, facilitators, and anyone else with an ongoing function at The Celebration subscribe to this group if possible.

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Choir —
If you’re a member of the Celebration Choir, this group will keep you informed of scheduling changes and other Choir related business. We request that all choir members subscribe to this group if possible.

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