Ananda Forest – Good News About the World Falling Apart: The 3rd Turning of Human Consciousness

How the current crises on the planet are the birth pangs of the third turning in human consciousness.
  Ananda Forest was born George Emery Vaillant in Boston in 1959.  He went to Andover, Oberlin and Yale Law School and later taught English at St. Ann’s School in Brooklyn.  In 1994, he left the city for upstate New York where he worked as a carpenter and mechanic and started seriously following his bliss.  
  For the next twenty-five years, he worked as a carpenter, but never stopped teaching: twelve years guiding students of shamanism at Spirit Hollow, the nature and spirituality center he co-founded, and the last thirteen years and counting as an adjunct instructor of anthropology, history, and mythology at the Community College of Vermont.    He lives with his wife, iishana Artra, in northern New Mexico.