Anne Nygren Doherty – Hypnotherapy and the Spiritual Adventure

 When I became a hypnotherapist, I realized that everything in my life had led me there, and that helping others align with God, Spirit and/or their version of their higher selves only expanded and informed what I call “the spiritual adventure.”
     As a young mother with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Anne was told by her doctor she’d be in a wheelchair by age 50  – and to prepare for a life of pain, frustration and abandonment. His words sent her on a lifelong journey of healing and spiritual growth that has delivered remarkable results and led her to practice hypnotherapy.  Now, as a medical support hypnotherapist, she hopes to give clients symptom relief and more – hope, peace and the tools for self-empowerment so, like her, they can live a full, healthy and happy life. In addition to hypnosis, she also has studied Reiki, kundalini yoga, and Sat Nam Rasayan, a type of energy healing that occurs via a meditative state. After 35 years of coping with autoimmune disease, three close scrapes with death, and an enlightenment experience that lasted over three weeks, she considers herself a spiritual adventurer. Learn more about her hypnotherapy practice at
     Anne has a free e-book she can send called “Rediscover & Restore the Essential You – 10 Reasons to Explore Hypnotherapy.”  She also does free 20 minute consultations for those interested in doing hypnotherapy with her.