Arthur Blue – The Fairy Tale of My Life

I started my love of books at the age of 8, but an act of family violence kept me way from having books in my home. My Interfaith journey started around the same time. My aunt was an office missionary for a ministry. She was the accountant who sent checks to all the missionaries around the world.  At 14, I worked at a library as a librarians aide. The year that I worked there, I never took any books out. It was as if an invisible wall stood between me and books.  In my late twenties the Inner Child Movement was in full bloom and many churches hosted various Inner Child groups.  In an empowering moment, I entered a library and gave my inner child permission to get a library card and take out books of fairy tales. This started a 3 year journey into the world of books.  At 30 years old I started my academic journey studying to be an Art Therapist. That same year I went to London and attended an Interfaith event that forever transformed my life. In 1996 I went to art school and started doing Interfaith art celebrating all the world’s religions.