Celeste Yacoboni – How Do You Pray?

  Celeste Yacoboni is passionate about bringing people together to experience the sacred in their daily lives. In her book How Do You Pray? She asks 129 religious leaders, spiritual guides, healers, activists & other lovers of humanity to share their prayers. It’s been a fascinating journey since she woke up with the vision and followed it, opening her home to what became known as “prayershares” where people of all religions and spiritual traditions came together to experience each others’ prayers and rituals. This book encourages the reader to contemplate the intention of prayer in their own life.
  This is the 10 year Anniversary of How Do You Pray? and Celeste is still asking!
  Celeste is a Minister of Walking Prayer and a Massage Therapist specializing in Abdominal and Breast health. She offers private sessions and salons in Santa Fe. Her signature salon, “Becoming the Lotus”, celebrates the alchemy of blossoming to the sublime while in the mud of daily life. To learn more visit www.onsacredway.com
  Celeste Yacoboni has facilitated healing and transformation since 1994. As a licensed massage therapist, certified Chi Nei Tsang practitioner, ordained minister, and wisdom keeper, Celeste passes down a lineage of information deeply connected to the feminine through her “Voice of The Feminine Salon” and her work facilitating breast and abdominal massage. Celeste is passionate about uplifting silenced and marginalized voices and is interested in utilizing her decades of experience in the healing arts to share a deeper, universal experience of the sacred in daily life for all.