ChrisTina Simek – Is It Ever Too Late to Create a Memorial/Celebration of Life for a Loved One Who Died?

 Happy New Year. The clock ticked over and we are in a new year. This seasonal occurrence marks the return of the light and our journey towards Spring. Is there a part of you that still feels left in the dark? Years following the death of a significant person in your life, are there parts of you that remain in Grief, bound together with Guilt and Regret?
  By custom, we are encouraged to immediately plan a memorial. This can be at a time when we are exhausted and can only remember the life of our loved one’s pain-filled ending. That is not the full story, and because we do not honor the full story, we can get stuck and live as if we too are living through unfinished parts of our loved one’s story. This can become a pattern and can live on through generations.  During her talk, ChrisTina is joined by a special guest who will share what happened when he and his family came together for his Grandfather’s Ash Scattering, 16 years after his grandfather’s death.
  ChrisTina is a Mom, Grandmother, Professional Life Cycle Celebrant, Death Doula and Family Constellation Facilitator. Her work is “being” with individuals and their families through some of life’s most important rites of passage. ChrisTina has found that being with others through both the greatest joys and challenges in life, can be both inspiring and life changing. More info at