Cindy DuBois – A Mother/Daughter Love Story in 3 Parts

Most mothers and daughters typically have a complicated relationship, but the one between Cindy and her mother Gwen was exceptionally fraught with suicide, abandonment, and abuse. But with grace, reflection, and love it was able to have a movie worthy ending. “I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t lived it personally.”
Cindy DuBois, Ph.D. moved to Santa Fe nine years ago looking for a way to heal from a life altering brain injury and to deal with the grief she kept locked in a closet since childhood. Cindy’s adult life journey has been rooted in being an educator, activist, and advocate for social justice issues. As a K-12 educator, she won numerous awards for her multicultural teaching efforts designed to empower and champion marginalized children and women. As a college professor, her goal was to train as many aspiring teachers as possible to empower marginalized children. Currently, she is working on her certification to become a Dementia Education Trainer. In her spare time she enjoys reading and hanging out with her dog Lilly.