Cynthia Greb – Communing with the Spirits

During this Samhain (Halloween) season, it seems fitting to talk about spirits. But this talk is not about ghosts or ghouls; it is about Native American spirits and the Spirits of the Land.
Since the Summer Solstice of this year, Cynthia has been on a journey, a pilgrimage across the country. Her primary focus has been visiting ancient and/or sacred sites, such as earth mounds, earthworks, and ancient medicine wheels. In addition, she has been stopping to pay respects and offer prayers at various places where there have been massacres of Indigenous People. Along the way, she has been honing her ability to connect with the spirits of these places. Still new at developing her psychic gifts, she nevertheless sometimes feels, senses, sees, or hears things which may be responses to her words, prayers, and songs.
Cynthia is an ordained interfaith minister, a writer, and an artist. She is on the board of Arrows for American Indians which advocates for and helps support Native American communities. She is also a passionate advocate for our natural world. She leads water blessing ceremonies, educates about the dangers of ubiquitous herbicide and pesticide use, and works to save the birds and pollinators. She also leads Partnering for Planetary Peace rituals for Circle of Miracles. More info at, YouTube & Facebook.