Cynthia Greb – Living as if the World Is Sacred

At one time, our distant ancestors honored the natural world as sacred. Now, it seems that many live in a way that is superficial and profane, centered primarily around work, technology, and commerce. Somehow we have lost sight of the miracle of life which surrounds us. How can we regain a feeling of awe and reverence for the beauty and power of the natural world?
Cynthia shares some of her journey moving from the notion of a God “out there” to a God within–within nature, within us even, permeating the Universe in both immense and intricate ways. How can we live in a way that honors and celebrates the Sacredness of Life? Can we begin to better protect and heal the world through our reverence and fierce love for it? Can the world be changed by loving it more? These are the questions Cynthia has been asking, feeling, and living.
Cynthia is an interfaith minister, a writer, and a lover of this world. Her passion is to help heal this planet by inspiring people to act with courage, kindness, and fierce love. You can find out more at