Cynthia Greb – Love Notes from the Universe: Heart Rocks and Other Signs of Love and Affirmation

Cindy shares about the phenomenon of seeing Heart Rocks and other signs of Love and affirmation in the natural world.
The first two times she remembers seeing hearts outside were times of great challenge when she badly needed reassurance and a metaphysical hug from the Universe. After those first two hearts there was a small lull, but when her life started to shift in a wonderful way, she began to find hearts everywhere! They no longer seemed to be about lifting her up, but were instead a reflection of the great joy and gratitude she was feeling. She found them on trails, in the driveway, around her house, in her food, on the pavement, in mud puddles…. They were everywhere! Soon friends began to share their finds. It became a great big Love Fest! Always, these Love Notes are a sign that we are not alone and that we are greatly loved.
Cynthia Greb is a writer, an interfaith minister, and an explorer of other realms. Her greatest desires are to be in greater communion with the Divine and to be of service to this planet. She is currently submitting proposals for this book to spiritual publishing companies. She’d appreciate your prayers! For more info, please see