Cynthia Greb – The Guiding Light of Our Inner Godself

As the country is battered by political division & unrest & the planet continues to be buffeted by natural catastrophes & war, it can be very hard for us to find our center. It is so easy to get overwhelmed by the intensity of it all. Fortunately, if we can learn the art of being still & listening to our intuition, we can receive wise guidance from that part of us most connected to Divinity–our heart, our soul, our inner Godself, the Kingdom of God. Like many, Cynthia has been on a spiritual path for quite a while. In the past, it has taken her into the fields of activism, healthcare, women’s soul work, dream work, indigenous cultures & practices, & interfaith ministry. Lately, however, it has shifted & escalated. The Life of Spirit feels paramount during this time of great planetary change. Her writing, speaking, & inner & outer work are more & more focused on helping us all grow into a soul remembrance of Who We Really Are, why we are here & how we can navigate these challenging times. Cynthia has recently been on the first leg of a pilgrimage in our country, visiting sacred sites, offering prayer at the wounded places, & deepening into her own soul’s work. More at