Cynthia Greb – The Power of Pilgrimage

In a world that is often mundane and increasingly profane, sometimes it helps to set aside time to feed our spirit by immersing ourselves in the Sacred. There are several options open to us. Some of them include a retreat, a vision quest, or a pilgrimage. Cynthia shares some of the serendipity, synchronicities, and insights that have occurred during her pilgrimages to the United Kingdom, the Southwest, and her most recent journey through parts of the Northwestern quadrant of this country.
Cynthia Greb is a writer, an ordained interfaith minister, healer, photographer, and a bit of an artist as well as a frequent caregiver of humans and animals. In her lifetime, she has explored many different faith traditions, all of which offer one of many paths to Source. However, the path that has most consistently fed her soul is communion with Nature. Cynthia has published two books and is a frequent blogger. You can find out more about her by visiting