Cynthia Greb – Transforming Our Fear of Death

During this time on the planet, when fear is running so rampant, Cynthia Greb addresses our most basic fear: death. Is it possible to transform our fear of death? Cynthia talks about a few instances in her life when she needed to face her fear of death. She shares the processes she went through which enabled her to reach a modicum of peace about that passageway we’ve been taught to fear since the time we were children.
Is it possible to look at death in a new light? Is it possible to, instead of avoiding the discussion, embrace it more fully? Can we learn to face death more like a monk than a warrior? Cynthia shares her knowledge of how some cultures have a different attitude toward death than we Americans do. It is her hope that when we transform our fear of death, we can transform the way we live.
Cynthia Greb is an interfaith minister, a former hospice chaplain, and a former caregiver who has been present many times at that threshold between life and death. Her most recent book is entitled, Grief and Grace: Stories at the Intersection of Life and Death. She believes that part of her purpose is to uplift people and help them to embrace love in the midst of this time of great planetary transition. More info at