Cynthia Greb – We All Have a Spiritual Support Team

      We all have a spiritual support team that is available to help us with any problem we might have. Although we are capable of doing many things on our own, the process flows better, and the result is more impressive, when we remember to ask our Helpers for assistance. (Go, Team, go!) The same thing is true when we do anything with or for a larger group of people, or even for the planet herself. We can call in all manner of Helpers and Holy Ones to support us and then trust that our work will be greatly magnified. Referencing dreams and waking life examples, Cynthia hopes to inspire us to work simultaneously in both the physical and the spiritual planes. We have so much support available to us.
     Cynthia is an ordained interfaith minister who has a deep love for this Earth and all of Life. She loves doing prayer ceremonies and rituals for the planet and her people. For the past two years, Cynthia has been working with Michele McCarthy and a growing group of people in co-creating, along with a very big spiritual team, a positive and powerful ritual of healing and transformation for our planet. She is very impacted by her dreams and intuition and tries to live a life in which she is guided by both. See her videos on YouTube.