Daryl Stanton – Simpler

I share my journey of trust, following my heart, facing fear and challenges, all while knowing I am always where I need to be, and not limited by age.
  As a young child I had a deep knowing that my passion and purpose had something to do with how people live on the earth. Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated by humans and homes, drawing house plans that included furnishings and families as my idea of play.  I’ve experienced many homes and lifestyles on my journey, changing direction when I moved to New Zealand in 2007 to be on the design team at a state of the art ecovillage.  I have landed in a simple, tiny sized home, loving my lifestyle in nature, in a small evolving community 35 minutes from Santa Fe.
  Daryl is the founder of Tansucasa LLC, Designer/Consultant of homes and lifestyle aligned with your values of health, nature, simplicity. www.tansucasa.com; www.instagram.com/tansucasadaryl@tansucasa.com