David Davis – God Be Damned-The Almighty, Anger and Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s took the life of just about everyone in my family. My mother getting the disease was the last straw. As her only child and no other living family, it fell to me to provide and manage all of her care. After eleven years it took her life. It nearly took mine.
  So how is it that I am now the executive director of a local non-profit, The Memory Care Alliance, which provides education, support and resources for families caring for a loved-one with Alzheimer’s or any other related illness?
 David answers that question, and offers insight about the challenges associated with this disease, not only for family caregivers, but also the social and cultural aspects as well.  And as for God? He will offer insight about the part He plays in all of this.
  David  is the founder and executive director of The Memory Care Alliance based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has written numerous articles about Alzheimer’s related care and presents educational programs in our community on a regular basis. He also developed and wrote “Prepare to Care,” an 8-hour caregiver education program presented over 4 weeks. It is the core educational program for The Memory Care Alliance and provides caregivers with the education, compassion and empowerment needed to successfully travel through their journey of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s.
  Before founding The Memory Care Alliance in  2017, he was the Northeastern Regional Manager for the Alzheimer’s Association. David is an Eagle Scout and received the Gold Congressional Award for his leadership and community service. To learn more go to: thememorycarealliance.org.