Delaney Covelli – What if Awe Wasn’t Alternative?

In Delaney’s early 2000’s, at the end of an 8 year confirmation in a United Church, each young person was asked to write a “Statement of Faith” to be shared with the wider congregation. There was a requirement to quote or reference the Bible twice. If recalling correctly, Delaney made one reference… to Doubtful Thomas.
After a later humbling welcome into Lakota practices, 4 years at Naropa University, 10 years in the film industry in a city where she couldn’t find soul but could find the impact of its absence, and no more familiarity with the Bible now then she had then, Delaney still identifies as half researcher and half spiritual; a curious skeptic, determined to understand what she knows to be true.
What does she know to be true today? 1. Her hard current professional pivot is back to the social sciences and ritual arts, 2. she doesn’t experience the human emotion of awe to be transcendent but rather Earthbound, and 3. she is steadfast to understand what is possible out of awe to address the United States’ meaning crisis.