Diana James de Lellis – Let’s Do This! Journeying Beyond the Precipice

Diana D. James de Lellis will give a message of remembrance, encouragement, hope and a call to action for all Celebration members during this sharing of her visions of where humanity is at the present rather precarious moment, and how to live consciously beyond it.
An Aromatic Alchemist, clairvoyant intuitive and shamanic practitioner for the last thirty years, Diana has enjoyed learning how to work in partnership with Nature and what is often called ‘the unseen realms’, i.e. the Devic, Angelic and Shamanic Realms, finding vibrant, peaceful, effective and adaptive solutions to some of the most dire challenges facing our World.
In the early 90’s Diana founded Sacred Aromatics, an exquisite line of alchemically prepared Essential Oils. Through the Academie of Sacred Arts & Sciences, Diana teaches courses in a variety of energetic healing modalities, including Egyptian Aromatic Alchemy, Geobiology & Dowsing, and Devic Communication, the hidden and magical language of the unseen realms. Diana loves working in-depth with individuals and groups to assist people seeking to accelerate their personal growth and evolution.
She loves music, trees, animals and everything that is wild..