Dianne Deloren-Cliches, Contradictions and Conundrums

Following the Grand Entrance, the Goddess persona may take over the rest of the proceedings. If that is the case, then the Goddess has let Dianne know that she would like to discuss the Cliches, Contradictions and Conundrums presented by New Age verbiage. She may also expound on other things as spirit dictates.
Dianne is a long time Celebrant (I mean LONG time!), so this is her twenty-somethingth talk. (Anyone remember when we met at the Santa Fe Vocational Technical School auditorium? I do.) Dianne has served the Celebration community in many different capacities over the years and witnessed many changes. She appreciates this community very much for its enthusiasm, live music, multifarious points of view, sense of humor, with an occasional dose of irreverence as needed.