Fabio Macchioni-I Love All Inhabitants of this Earth

Among serious professionals, it is a common belief that several different people may legitimately “interpret” the same dream in several different ways. But there is only one way that the English phrase: “I love all inhabitants of this Earth” can be translated in Italian: “Amo tutti gli abitanti di questa Terra.”
The research study that he started in 2004 provides empirical evidence that the language of dreams is an actual language just like Italian and English. As the language of dreams is based on logic, Fabio’s study finds that it is the dreamer (in other words, every one on this Earth!) who is best equipped to understand his/her own dreams and draw from them the infinite wisdom, information and foresight they provide.
His study produced a book, the DREAMANUAL which provides the grammar and vocabulary of such a language. Fabio’s talk will include 12 dreams that have changed his life and the lives of others.