Glenys Carl-Community Coming Together in Times of Adversity

I was born in Wales and came to America as a single mother with three little boys. I worked in Detroit at the first model Headstart program during the late sixties riots. Later I moved to Berkeley and worked with teachers who wanted to learn early childhood education. In 1987 my son Scott suffered a traumatic head injury in Australia. After he came out of a three month coma,  I organized volunteers to care for him because he fell outside the Australian medical system. After four years he died. I moved to Santa Fe in 1990 and began working hospice during the middle of our AIDS crisis. In 2005 I started Coming Home Connection, which trains, places and coordinates volunteers to provide free and low cost home care for those nearing end of life and long term disability. We typically care for approximately 50 people at any point in time.
My current focus is to establish a social model hospice house in Santa Fe called Scott’s House and develop a program for children released from Albuquerque cancer hospitals. Our medical system is severely broken, so it takes all of us working together to provide care in times of need. I wrote a book, called Hold My Hand-A Mother’s Journey, available on Amazon.