Jeff Hood – Finding Earth’s Language

I was fortunate enough to spend Christmas afternoon at Taos Pueblo, where the people who have lived there for a thousand years shared their Deer Dance with us. As we stood swaying and tapping our feet to the drum and the chanting, watching the dancers dressed in little more than deer skins, I realized that they were speaking a language more directly connected to Earth’s original language than the English I grew up with. So I’d like to explore that original language of our planet with you, to see if we can experience it more directly, for I think that our separation from it is the cause of much suffering in life.
Jeff Hood is a poet, gardener, and adventurer in wild places. He has had more careers than is healthy, but most of them have been great fun and/or great learning. He lives on a six acre farm on the Rio Grande in Velarde, NM, where the old apple trees share their wisdom and conversations with worms.