John Cantwell – Irish Celtic Shamanism

  John Cantwell has dedicated himself solely to the practice of healing shamanism in his native Irish Celtic tradition for the last 25 years. In his first language, Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic), he is often referred to as a fear idirlinne. This translates as a “man who bridges” but whose literal translation is a “man between all of us”. He helps to open a bridge for people to directly experience inner revelation, simultaneously with discovery of Ireland’s visible and invisible places of power in Nature. The landscape of Ireland interwoven with the native landscape of Ancestral mythology are a potent source of belonging, connection and mysticism for him.

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  Alongside his wife Dr. Karen Ward, he is co-director of Slí An Chroí (pronounced Schlee-On-Khree, translating as “Pathway Of The Heart”), a leading training school in Ireland’s indigenous wisdom tradition with extensive international student and graduate faculties. He is also a clinician, bringing the healing and curative resources of shamanism to people experiencing myriad symptoms of holistic health challenges. He oversees an extensive outreach program, bringing the power of his native tradition to universities, recovery facilities and non-profit organizations. He enjoys guiding groups onto and into the megalithic and neolithic sacred sites of Ireland.
  A writer, speaker and activist, he lives seasonally, walking a contemporary path following the footprints of his Ancestors. Sunday February 4th is “true Imbolc”, the astronomically precise date of the  ‘cross-quarter day’ between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.