Katrina Koehler-Can Group Healing Inform How We Heal as a Country?

Katrina Koehler has been working with grieving children, teenagers and their families for the last 17 years at Gerard’s House, a Santa Fe nonprofit that creates safe places for grieving youth where healing happens through acceptance and peer support. Over the past eight years, Gerard’s House has turned its focus to the city’s most vulnerable grieving youth—kids who have immigrated from war-torn and impoverished regions, kids who are homeless, kids who are in foster care, kids who have been suspended from or dropped out of school, and kids who have attempted suicide. Services include 30 weekly peer grief support groups, a mobile unit, suicide-prevention programs, individual sessions, and support for parents/caregivers, all free of charge and bilingual for youth ages 3 – 21 who have experienced life-changing loss, such as the death of a parent or other loved one.