Kristine Baker – Reverence for All Life

I was asked to get a key word for the year 2023 at a Unity New Year Celebration service. The word I got was Reverence. This has put me on a path to understanding, experiencing and exploring the meaning and feeling of Reverence in my world. I realize now the past year of 2022 was filled with a growing reverence for life. I had 7 significant deaths of friends and relatives and changes and challenges in many ways in 2022, as I am sure many of us have. In my talk I would like to share some of the depth of discovery I have found. For instance, it takes a Reverence for oneself to write one of these descriptive paragraphs for the Celebration Newsletter. Reverence, humility, self confidence and self respect are words that come to mind when I am asked to put into words a small biography of my life, because it often means looking at the Ego/Earth accomplishments instead of the soul growth. I want to share about the soul growth of being a member of “The Human Collective”.
Kristine has lived in Santa Fe since 2001 and is enjoying a re-wirement at this time as she works on her first book.