Laura Hendrie – Questions About Dementia

   Laura Hendrie is a  Positive Approach to Care® dementia care educator, trainer, and advanced consultant.  She teaches dementia awareness, knowledge, and practical communication skills to individuals and groups.  Through experience, she’s learned that dementia care is never just about what’s lost; it’s about discovering what’s left. Currently, she co-facilitates two support groups for dementia care partners and offers in-person educational support classes for families new to dementia.  For more info email or call 719-221-5804. 

  “I want to talk to the Celebration about people who have dementia and people who care for them.  Questions like: What is it exactly?  What can we do as a group for someone who’s diagnosed ?  What should we do when  they don’t understand what we’re saying, or when they repeat things too many times?  Is it impolite to ask  them about their dementia?  What if they don’t understand what I just said ?  How can I help their caregivers, and what should I do first if I”m going to be a caregiver for someone living with dementia?   Or what about this: Is there anything good at all about dementia?  These kinds of questions and whatever else you’re curious about,  I’m happy to  try to help you find answers for.”