Louise Hauck – How to Let Your Spirit Lead the Way

Spirit is the spark that ignites the generator of the Soul and flows naturally through ‘streaming consciousness,’ a frequency that exists outside the body, non-locally – and beyond time and death. Louise shares how she has learned to yield to her timeless Spirit that moves her through difficult moments and to unexpected joy.
  Louise had the gift of ‘sight’ since childhood and began her spiritual quest following the loss of her parents in her late teens and early adulthood. While exploring ways to refine her abilities and use them effectively to empower others, she approached physicists with questions, seeking answers to better understand how she’s able to see clairvoyantly beyond the illusions of death and linear time. She was gathering some interesting information when a few special individuals came forward to caution her, ‘You do not need physics or science to define your work! Let it stand alone!'” They were the late Willis Harman, Gary Zukav, Peter Russell, and Dr. Larry Dossey.
  Louise delights in discovering new, innovative ways to empower clients and help apprentices access their own intuitive abilities. She and her husband recently moved to Santa Fe, and she loves sharing the story of how they met, a tale she feels is wonderfully metaphysically instructive!
  Louise Hauck is an author and ‘Time-traveling’ Intuitive Spiritual Counselor. Learn more about her work at www.louisehauck.com.