Lucy Barna – The State of the Universe

Lucy Barna, Advanced Marconic Energy Practitioner and Certified Marconics Teacher, presents a discussion on the new wave of Ascension, happening now! Lucy explains how Marconics, a full-spectrum, multidimensional Ascension Energy modality, recalibrates the Holographic/ Light Body for the embodiment of 5D and higher! Learn how the body heals and repairs itself through Marconics, activates Higher Spiritual DNA, and brings all aspects of fragmented Self into Unification with Source, through the alignment of multi-dimensional holographic body templates.
“I’m a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional being of light who is continually expanding. I’ve dedicated my path to seeking and exploring the many layers of my truest self and my divine nature. Along that path, I discovered Marconic Energy, and knew in an instant this was the most direct access I’ve ever had to aspects of my Highest Self. Since childhood, I’ve tried just about every modality. They offered a taste, a connection to my knowing that I could never quite embody fully. Ultimately, I felt limited – limited in access to my Highest Self when I knew it was there, asking me to step forward and just trust. The moment I experienced Marconic Energy, it was truly a jolt back “home” – an instantaneous return to my Self, a return I had been seeking for decades. It was clear energy, MY energy, my Highest Self in its Highest Form. What was also clear was that I was meant to assist in offering this energy work to others.”