Mary Rives-Close Calls, Wake-Up Calls, Mortality, Oh My!

What has shaken you awake in life? How have awakening experiences become central to your personal narrative? As we face our mortality, wake-up calls can help us to question our values, beliefs, lifestyle, and consciousness.
In this talk, Mary Rives will explore how the meaning we ascribe to wake-up call experiences creates our stories and helps us feel more fully alive. Perceiving our stories from different perspectives allows us to consciously change the narrative arc of our lives.
Mary Rives, MS, is passionate about people’s stories. She specializes in helping elders in the early stages of dementia to craft their memoirs. She also facilitates and records parents’ birthing experiences, as well as the life stories of others with tales to tell. She offers writing workshops, and loves living in Santa Fe with her beloved husband Keith and their cat George, Her heart delights in being alive and being of service.