Rand Lee – My Brother’s Spirit Diary

Rand shares the story of his younger brother, Jeffrey Robert Lee, who introduced him to the idea of channeling and wrote about his conversations with a spirit guide before his death from AIDS in 1990. Rand shares some of Jeff’s own writing, including Jeff’s last encounter with his spirit guide a year before his death.
Rand Lee is a spiritualist consultant and freelance writer who has lived in Northern New Mexico since the early 1990’s. He is the youngest surviving child of the late actor Kaye Brinker and Manfred B. Lee, co-author with cousin Frederic Dannay of the “Ellery Queen” detective novels and short stories. Since the early 1980’s, Rand has served clients worldwide as a professional psychic and channeler. He is the author of a (yet unpublished) book, “The Tarot of You: Discovering and Enjoying Your Divine Nature.”

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