Susan Straight Scholarship Fund Presentation

This is the presentation of two $1500 checks from The Susan Straight Scholarship Fund to Ana Gomez and Haley Hathaway.
Ana Gomez is a native Guatemalan. She spent most of her early years in Texas, moving to Santa Fe five years ago. Her journey has tested her resilience and determination. Ana is no stranger to losses due to separation. She is pursuing a CNA Certification in preparation for enrolling in nursing classes this fall.
Haley Hathaway is a graduate student at New Mexico Highlands University’s Facundo Valdez School of Social Work. While an undergrad she worked at different organizations as an advocate for social change. She has personal experience with grief, loss, and trauma. She understands that structural injustice can create patterns of harm that have ripple effects.
Nicole Maes-Gonzales is Executive Director of Gerard’s House. She has recommended the two young women who are this year’s recipients of the Susan Straight Scholarship Fund.

Pic #1: 6:50, Pic #2: 12:08