Tzivia Gover-You Are a Joy

TziviaGoverThere are two reasons to write a book: One is because there is something the author knows a lot about—the other is there is something the author needs to learn a lot about. The latter was the case for Tzivia Gover, a Mindfulness Practitioner, Dream Therapist, and author of books, articles, and essays about finding joy and meaning in everyday life. Gover faced the challenges of a difficult upbringing, followed by a heart-shattering loss as a young adult. But little by little, moment by moment, she taught herself to tap into inner springs of well-being she never knew she had. Inspired by her own dreams, as well as teachings from various religious faiths and traditions, she has pieced together a practical system for living a happy and meaningful life, and delights in sharing her findings with others. In this talk, she will tell her story and share little sparks of joy along the way.
Author and educator Tzivia Gover facilitates self-growth and awareness through writing, dreamwork, and mindfulness. Tzivia’s books include Joy in Every Moment (Storey Publishing), Learning in Mrs. Towne’s House, and Mindful Moments for Stressful Days (Storey Publishing). Learn more at or read her blog: