Alan Hutner & Elizabeth Rose

AlanHutnerElizabethRoseAlan Hutner, “Awakening to Love As The Soul Norm: A Resurrection Reborn”
Love as we know it has many aspects and permutations. Yet we don’t necessarily relate to the Big Love or the Cosmic Matrix of Love, and the options for finding your portal as your personal point of entry. Alan will speak to that along with his alter ego poet Self, “Rudy” reciting one of his classic Rudy Raps on Love.

Elizabeth Rose, “Rosie Ruminates on Rising As The Phoenix From The Ashes”
Elizabeth shares a combination of stories in a poetic style called “Rosie’s Ruminations,” a feature frequently offered on TRM. Her real life experiences of the past year of her mother’s death, sibling dispute over the disposition of her mother’s body, challenges of love and relationship, and attendance at several births, have given her deep new insights and tools she shares for navigating one’s own rebirth that often follows the tumultuous journeys of birth, life, and death.

A successful former corporate executive, founder, host and producer of Transitions Radio Magazine (TRM), Alan Hutner draws upon years of experience in business, radio and multimedia to bring a sense of understanding and wisdom to a show that has become a favorite of listeners and guests alike, now in it’s 32nd year. Alan is the father of a paradigm shifting son and daughter, grandfather of three and great-grandfather of two.

Elizabeth Rose moved to Santa Fe in 1985 to attend Massage School. Since then, she has practiced and taught Massage for the Childbearing Year for 25+ years, attended 100+ births as a Labor Support Doula, and is a seasoned Facilitator of Family Constellation work. For twenty years, she has been a co-host, co-producer, music director and administrative assistant for TRM. Recently she and Alan have launched a new venture: