Ann Filemyr – Living Our Values at Home and at Work During the Pandemic

If we ever doubted our core beliefs, the values that should guide our actions, now is the time to sit in sober reflection and align our inner truth with our outer behavior. This has been a theme among the leadership team at Southwestern College, a consciousness-based graduate school in Santa Fe. Their values of service, mindfulness, partnership, empowerment and love have been guiding aspirations as they respond to state mandates, health department recommendations and CDC guidelines to keep their community as healthy as possible throughout the pandemic. Throughout the past three and half months, Dr. Filemyr continues to reflect and deepen her understanding of these stated values and how they shape her attitude and her approach to decision-making in her personal and professional life.
Dr. Ann Filemyr serves as President of Southwestern College. She is the Director of the Ecotherapy Certificate of the New Earth Institute at the college, She also teaches courses in Multicultural Awareness and in the consciousness curriculum. Her commitment to lifelong learning, transformational growth, and personal change as a vital step in advancing social change guides her work. She is also a published author and poet. Her most recent book of poetry is entitled, Love Enough.