Ann Filemyr – Love-in-Action

Do we know what love-in-action feels like? Looks like? We are living in a time in which hate-in-action has become evident and bold. It propels violence, promotes suffering, promulgates loss. Hate causes harm. And if we, as people of conscience, stand against hate, then we must stand for love. So what is this love that promotes peace, propels understanding and propagates compassion? This love is a healing balm for the aching world. What does this love ask of us who might be best prepared to bring it more fully into our lives and express it more powerfully in our thoughts and actions? This love asks us to be courageous and align ourselves with love in a time when hate has gained in popularity. This is a radical act. I propose that Love-in-Action is a daily practice, and that we can embrace this daily practice to become Love Warriors and carry Love-in-Action into our lives and the world.
Dr. Ann Filemyr, Ph.D., is VP of Academic Affairs & Dean at Southwestern College where she also serves as Director of the Ecotherapy Certificate of the New Earth Institute. She teaches courses in Altruism, Consciousness and Multicultural Awareness. She leads generative writing workshops and is a poet. She is regularly published in the We’Moon calendar of women’s art and writing. She is the author of a number of books of poetry, most recently, Love Enough.