Beth Bennett – Return to Innocence: My Journey to Claim Wholeness from Ancestral Ritual Abuse

Beth Bennett is an author, speaker, facilitator, and a Sustainable Love Spiritual Coach, supporting people to know themselves more deeply. She experiences herself not only as a human being but also as an eternal soul on a loving, creative journey. Beth celebrates the beauty of life through painting, dancing, walking in nature, and cooking. She is grateful for her loving friends, her community of support, and the joy she shares with her little dog, Muffin.
At age forty, Beth’s prison of denial shattered when the family ritual abuse was exposed by her sister. Until that time, she had only identified herself as a caring wife, mother, and teacher. Memories of her shadow life finally emerged, and she began to uncover the lies, distortions, shame, and guilt created by the trauma of satanic ritual abuse. Beth’s commitment to knowing all parts of herself, including the alters that held the memories of deep trauma, testifies to the courageous heart that has guided her journey. A desire for truth and freedom has been a guiding force throughout Beth’s adult life, and this flame has quickened in recent years.
Beth shares her story of the power of Love to heal her darkest shadow, incest, satanic ritual abuse, and spiritual manipulation as she followed her deepest longings to Return to Innocence.