Carol Glover-Good Grief!

The experience of grief is different for each of us. And different for each passing. Through the journey of the Dark Nights of the Soul after her husband’s unexpected death, Carol will talk of insights and information on grief that she’s learned along the way.
Rev Carol Glover began her exploration of Life and Spirit at 21 years old after the traumatic murder of a cousin the year before. “Why am I alive?” was the key question. “To be happy.” was the first answer and that’s hummed along with her life for 50 years. Seeking deeper answers led Carol to Shamanic studies. After years as a student, she became a teacher, healer and channel, traveling across the U.S. and to Europe to teach. 19 years ago, she met Steve Quinlan. Their recognition of each other’s Spirit in the moment they met, became the foundation for their relationship. A widow for 2 years, she is finding her way back to Joy, The Essence of Life.