Catherine Scherwenka-The Phenomenon of Oneness

Catherine Scherwenka, Oneness Meditator and Advanced Trainer, spent many years living at the Oneness University in India. She is traveling worldwide, leading groups through experiences of these life-transforming teachings that heal all relationships and awaken us to our natural state ~ one of love and connectedness.

What is Oneness? We live in a world where there is duality, right/wrong, black/white, good/bad, love/hate, peace/war. If our inner world is a reflection of our outer world, then what does that say about what’s happening inside of each one of us? The sense of separation inside ourselves is creating this separation outside which equals suffering.
We are living in a time where there is ample opportunity for change due to many variables on the planet right now. There is a Phenomenon of Grace buzzing that is helping humanity shift from state of separation in to a state of Oneness. Come check out what that is!