Chiara Fero-From Good to Grace

Rebirth Midwife™, Integrative Soulworker™, Conscious Career Catalyst™, author and filmmaker, Chiara Fero is passionate about integrating the material and metaphysical, masculine and feminine, shadow anChiaraFerod light, work and life, suffering and transcendence. She uses her daily experiences as an Empath, Intuitive and modern pilgrim/digital nomad, along with her channeling the wisdom of nonphysical guides and the spirit plant medicine consciousness, Iboga, to serve others on the path from Good to Grace™

Though professionally successful and well-integrated in my community, for the first 46 years of my life, I carried the worsening legacies of post-trauma. They reached a crisis level where I would heal or die. So began a healing journey of epic proportions, with gifts and graces not just for me, but for every person who has known trauma in their life, and ultimately for the evolution of humanity. I say that with the deepest humility, after years of rejecting the messages I was channeling, trying to return them to sender and say “Wrong number: I am NOT a healer and I don’t ‘channel’!” Then I realized it was my SOUL on the line, and I answered the call.
I was shown a specific and little-known path to healing in the form of a documentary and book I was to make about it. I began to write and shoot video immediately, and I’m still going 3 full years later. I look forward to sharing some of the miraculous and often also hilarious tales from this Good to Grace path.
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