Christina Boiano – The Alchemy of Loving Connection

What makes Dr. Christina Boiano tick is being, experiencing, and facilitating the alchemy of loving connection. Loving connection is at the root of all she holds dear – her relationships, the work she does, her connection with essential oils, and her love of music, dance, rhythm and drumming. In her talk she will be share more about this as well as some significant recent experiences.
Dr. Christina Boiano specializes in guiding people from just surviving to brilliantly thriving. Her passion is assisting people to live healthy, happy, authentic lives, not just in eliminating their pain. She gets totally lit up when her clients grow in their ability to love and accept themselves, make healthy choices in all areas of their lives, and express their unique inner rhythm. Dr. Christina is known for her gentle techniques and leading-edge chiropractic that create health and wellness from the inside out.