ChrisTina Simek – Could Ghosts Be Reaching Out for a Greater Purpose?

This week Halloween, Dia de Los Muertos and All Souls Day, will be celebrated throughout parts of the world. These rituals are enacted to honor our ancestors and recognize the connection between the dead and the living. In other parts of the world, open communication with the ancestors is a part of everyday life. During this time of self quarantine and less earthly distraction many people are having more unusual sightings, coincidences and vivid dreams. Could some of these unusual happenings be ghostly messengers bringing information that might be helpful on both sides of the veil? ChrisTina has a few stories that might encourage you to find out for yourselves.
ChrisTina, is a Professional Celebrant, Death Doula and Family Constellation Facilitator. Her work is being with individuals through death and dying and Empowering Family and Friends who make up the care team.
“Remaining Open While Walking Closely with Death May Tune You in to Channels of Communication Never Thought Possible.” You can learn more about her at: