Christine Warren – Our Interconnection with All Beings

In this talk, illustrated with poetry, stories and inspiring teachings, Christine teaches about our intrinsic interconnection with all of life and all beings, and uplifts us to remember our limitless power to be a force for good through our energetic presence, thoughts, and consciousness.
Drawing on a lifetime of studies in Christ consciousness, quantum physics, and Eastern wisdom, Christine speaks about her own breakthrough experiences in challenging times through practicing her interconnection with all that is. She shares her own ways of increasing our ability to be a presence of healing and Light to the entire world. As a community, we share “the Echo”, how every vibration we extend is creating an oscillatory resonant wave flowing back to each one of us, and rippling out to bless the world. We find loving remembrance of our connections, that we are never alone, even in a pandemic, assured by knowing that we are always surrounded by the benevolent presence of All That Is.
Christine Warren is a 44 year national presenter of transformational workshops, a counselor and spiritual life coach, and the author of Navigating Change: Conscious Endings, Visionary Beginnings. She was a community founder of Kripalu Center, and is a lifetime student of both the mystical Christ and yogic traditions.