Christine Warren – Seeing All Things with the Eyes of the Christ

Christine Warren has been on the path of Christ consciousness for many years, following healing from a diagnosis of advanced cancer during which she was instructed by an inner voice to ask Jesus for help. Building on many years as a student and teacher of eastern spirituality, quantum physics, and metaphysics, Christine was led to the teachings of Christ consciousness through numerous avenues, many nontraditional, but all profoundly changing her life and healing her mind and heart.
Christine shares her personal journey with Christ’s teachings through the New Testament, the Gnostic gospels, the translated words of Christ from his original Aramaic language–a startling contrast to what appears in the Bible–the Course in Miracles, and finally, the channeled works of Paul Selig, who dictates books from ancient Christ masters. She shares about discovering the living light of Christ shining in all things, and realizing that we have the power to heal and shift the world we see through the vision and light that we bring to it. We shares an experience of seeing all things with the light of the Christ. The illuminating words of Jesus, poetry, Gnostic prayers and a little Irish humor enlightens Christine’s talk.
A lifetime teacher, practitioner and student of the spiritual path and a founding member of Kripalu Center, she led workshops and groups in spirituality and personal growth. Christine is a counselor and spiritual coach in Santa Fe.