Christine Wendel-30 Years of Recovery; Service to Others is My Cornerstone

When it comes to my journey of recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction, I believe first and foremost in something I learned early on: if I helped others, there was a good chance that I would stop thinking about just myself. Or said another way: to keep it, I had to give it away.ChristineWendel
Over these last 3 decades, I have experienced many different forms of service which I will talk about briefly.
Today, my service centers on bringing forth a face and a voice of Recovery. Too often all we see is the face of active addiction. There is now a national movement to change that paradigm and talk about Recovery as well, and I work toward making that happen not only in Santa Fe, but also throughout New Mexico.
Chris volunteered as a firefighter and EMT-Basic for 11 years. She was a member of the NM Behavioral Health Planning Council, serving as Chair for 4 years. She is in long-term recovery from substance use disorders. In 2014, she co-founded Recovery Santa Fe! which is a grass-roots movement to bring forth the face and voice of people living in Recovery from addiction.