Cynthia Greb – Cultivating a Spirit of Hope in These Troubled Times

So many of us are feeling emotionally ravaged by the all that is taking place in our country and around the world. Is there any hope at all for the future? Cynthia says yes. She speaks of the necessity of Feeding Hope in order to nurture our spirits as we navigate these troubled times. She will share some of the inventions, initiatives, and actions that help her hold onto hope, as well as some of the prophecies from various sources and traditions that speak of a time of peace beyond this great planetary change that we are in the midst of. Hope helps us to have the courage to continue. Hope is absolutely essential. Without Hope, we cannot create the future we dream of deep down in the recesses of our hearts. Cynthia Greb is an author, artist, and interfaith minister whose purpose is to help create a better world by radiating love, hope, encouragement, and inspiration. To find out more, visit her website: