Cynthia Greb: How Can We Birth a New Earth? Or… Co-creating the Shift We Yearn to See

One of Cynthia’s greatest passions is holding the vision of a transformed Earth. She knows that not only is it possible, we are actually on the threshold of great transformation. Using the Law of Attraction and certain tools of manifestation, she has accomplished things in her life she never would have thought possible a couple of decades ago. Cynthia shares several examples of how thoughts and words impacted her reality and what she learned to do to create a better life for herself. In addition, she talks about “spiritual activism” and things we each can do beyond traditional activism to create positive change in the world.  Lastly, she talks about the evolved spiritual beings of light who are working right now behind the scenes to help us create the country and world we so deeply yearn for. There is a great deal of fear present in our country right now, and it’s understandable. This talk helps to bring some much-needed hope to our dear, tender hearts–right in time for this critically important election.
Cynthia Greb is an ordained interfaith minister, a writer, and a lover of this natural world. Like all of us, Cynthia is a spiritual being in physical form, and she signed up to be on the planet at this time of enormous change. For more information, please go to