Cynthia Hinkley – A Living Divine Vessel

How am I a living divine vessel? Cynthia began asking herself this question after hearing these words in a recent meditation at The Celebration service. If Divine means what is holy or sacred, how am I living a holy and sacred life in this vessel called a physical body? It takes paying attention and allowing the Self to open, which allows others to open. It takes listening from that place of Divinity so one can really hear. It is seeing everything as Vessels of Divinity. It means calling on what is sacred and holy to join us here. Cynthia shares examples from everyday living, from work life at a labor union, and from living as a spirit in a body helping spirits who need to move on out of the physical realm.
Cynthia’s passions include music, art, animals, writing, and storytelling. She is currently studying and practicing animal communication. Her lifelong passion has been transformational healing; healing body, self, and living as a healing presence in the world.