Debra Bryant – I Am the Peace That God Is

Debra loves the journey as a Spiritual Licensed Practitioner at the Santa Fe CLS, which began in 2005. She is also the Executive Director of Stand Up for Kindness. She holds a vision of living in a community and world where everyone is honored, valued and respected and kindness is the language. She is an ardent Religious Scientist and is continually inspired by the teaching of the founder Ernest Holmes, as well as studying a myriad of new age thought teachers. She knows that no matter what may come our way, there is no pit deeper than God’s love, and is inspired to hold this truth for others. Sharing the wisdom of spiritual truth through prayer, individual sessions, workshops and Sunday messages feeds her soul. The motto “changing our world one thought and feeling at a time” is a guiding principle to her, and she loves to assist others in experiencing the freedom and peace found in embodying the principles of the Spiritual Wisdom.