Dexter Russell – A Personal Journey from Poverty to Prosperity

I was born in the slums of Kingston, Jamaica, in what was then a British Colony. The odds of surviving to adulthood were long & seemed unlikely. Looking back in time at the struggles & effort to stay alive remains unfathomable. However, there were lessons learned about human behavior & interaction that I could not have acquired any other way. Minor misunderstandings with my neighbors could lead to conflict & blood shed. One had to learn very early on in life how to safely navigate your surroundings & literally prepare to die or take the life of another if it meant saving one’s own. I detail the strategies I adopted not only to make it out alive, but also thrive.
Dr Dexter Russell is a licensed doctor of Naprapathic Medicine who specializes in pain management, stress relief & myofascial release therapy. He believes the real source of chronic aches & pain is a result of poor posture, inactivity, & blockages in the body’s soft tissues. Once the tension is cleared & there’s restoration of proper nerve & blood flow, healing energies travel without obstruction & the body regains function again. Sacred medicinal plants including cannabis play a significant role in Dr Russell’s approach to health & well-being. Growing up on the island of Jamaica afforded Dr Russell the unique privilege of witnessing & participating in West African spiritual practices & healing rituals.