Diana James – When the Winds of Change Become a Hurricane-The World Altar Project

As a clairvoyant intuitive and shamanic practitioner for the last thirty years, Diana James has enjoyed learning how to work co-creatively in partnership with Nature and what is often called ‘the unseen realm’, i.e. the Devic, Angelic, and Shamanic Realms, to find vibrant, peaceful, effective and adaptive solutions to some of the most dire challenges facing our World.
The World Altar project was born in February of this year at the request of those Realms, specifically as a response to the Covid 19 environmental challenge and the ensuing global issues, in a non-polarized, heart-centered way on a daily basis. It has become the way she and many others navigate the hurricane of change sweeping our Planet, both within ourselves and in the outer World. If you have been seeking new ways to put your creative, passionate and ultimately loving energies to good use during this incredible time, this talk shows how a small and mighty group of humans can make a huge difference.
Diana D. James de Lellis is the founder of Sacred Aromatics Essential Oils and the Academie of Sacred Arts & Sciences, where she teaches Aromatic Alchemy in the Egyptian tradition, Geobiology & Earth Acupuncture, and Devic Communication. She lives in a Devic Sanctuary in Abiquiu, New Mexico with her husband Matthew and their cat, Lily Pickle.  Her website: DianaDJames.com; email: dianadjames@yahoo.com; FB page; The Academie of Sacred Arts & Sciences; FB group: The World Altar Project